Carlos Viera

Construction Manager

Carlos began life in El Salvador.  He has since traveled far, arriving in the US in ’99, and settling first in Washington, DC.  Wisely, he then migrated to Texas.  In both places, he has demonstrated an affinity for working with living plants and for transforming an uninspired piece of property into a thing of beauty.

Carlos is married to Maira.  Their daughter, Nashley, is 15; son Carlos, Jr is 10.  Spending time with these three people is his favorite activity.  He also enjoys cooking and reading.  He has accumulated a terrific collection of books which, he says, “inspire me to be a better person.”  His favorites are the Bible, The Art of War, and The Alchemist.

Barcelona is his soccer team of choice; meeting star Lionel Messi is on his bucket list.  Also on the bucket list is a trip to Israel.  Among those places he’s already been, he most enjoyed Costa Rica.  Carlos does volunteer work through his church and would like, in the future, to share his story of challenges and success, “in hopes of helping others have the chances I have been given.”


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