Greg Kidwell

Senior Landscape Consultant

Greg’s first job was baling hay.  His second job was baling hay, and the third job…also baling hay.  Finally, he was allowed to dig fence posts.  When he wasn’t doing tough physical labor, Greg was excelling in various sports.  Soccer was his favorite; and his favorite team was Bayern Munich.  He hoped, someday, to be a part of it.

Greg has now visited Munich, and he was duly impressed.  Meanwhile, his soccer involvement has taken a more domestic turn.  He has been a volunteer youth coach, as well as a proud daddy on the sidelines, watching his boys, Carter (9) and Cole (7), play the game.  Of course, his wife, Stephanie, is also a loyal fan.  And the three family dogs—Messi, Hazzard, and Elsa—have witnessed many a practice session.  (Greg is obviously a dog lover.  He jokes that his favorite thing about Austin is the many amazing dogs he’s met.)

It must be added that Greg spent years serving our nation in the U.S. Army.  He entered into combat in both Bosnia and Iraq.  He earned numerous awards and citations.


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