Maegan Boucher

Business Development

Maegan grew up on the farm her great grandfather homesteaded during the great Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. Her parents were well ahead of the current craze for organic foods; the family raised chickens, and they grew all of their own fruits and vegetables, canning most of them. They even made their own bread and noodles.

It’s no wonder that Maegan grew up to be an avid crafter. She is “one of those,” she says, who never takes down the Christmas tree. She decorates it for one holiday after another as the seasons roll by. She also loves being outside. Her home is at the lake, and she enjoys kayaking, swimming, boating, and almost every other water sport you can name. She likes hiking, too. Although her outdoor activities have, for about twenty years now, been taking place in the heart of Texas Longhorn country, she remains an all-in fan of Oklahoma Sooner football.

Maegan is also raising a son. Jake is fourteen. Hanging out with Jake, as well as cheering him on in whatever sport he’s playing at the time, is one of her favorite things in life.

Educational & Professional Credentials:
Bachelor of Science in Marketing – Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Marketing Certificate – High Plains Institute of Technology


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