Sean Bush

Executive Vice President of Operations
Sean has twice sent cancer packing.  As a result, he sees each new day as a blessing, and he uses them to become more “humble, hungry, and smart.”  He has also “paid it forward” with volunteer work for the American Heart Association, Any Baby Can, and United Way.As a kid in Houston, Sean hoped he’d eventually become either an actor…or a funeral director!  We’re glad he landed in the landscaping instead, where his mantra is “people, processes, and product.”  He excels at working with others and at creating and implementing the processes they use to put out a better product.

In ’88, Sean and his wife, Pam, were married.  Their son, Marshall, now works with Sean.  When Marshall grew up and left home, he didn’t exactly make his parents empty-nesters, thanks to four cats and two tiny dogs.

Sean’s best vacation memories come from a trip to St. Kitts.  There are two more trips he’d love to make in the future, both more somber than your typical Caribbean holiday.  He’d like to dive into the Titanic and to walk through Auschwitz concentration camp.  Both sites no doubt remind visitors that life is a fragile gift.  Sean, more than most, remembers that every day.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Commercial Certified Applicator with the Texas Department of Agriculture
  • Active Member of the Texas Turf Grass Association
  • Has Served the Green Industry for almost 30 years



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