Terry Baker

Account Manager

Terry’s first job came courtesy of the US Air Force, where he worked as an airline transportation specialist.  During Desert Shield and Desert Storm, he helped move personnel and cargo throughout the Pacific.  This meant that, for five years, it was necessary to work from a home base in Hawaii. He somehow learned to love the place, though, and it became his favorite of the many places he visited during his military tenure, when he stepped on every continent save South America and Antarctica.  He considers himself blessed to have seen so much; but he realizes there is much more, and he would like someday to get back out there and explore.  In fact, his favorite aspect of life in Austin is its tremendous diversity of peoples, along with the things (like food) that they’ve brought with them to enrich our lives.

Terry lives with his dog, Dude, who is an 11-year-old French bulldog mix.  He also has two grown sons—Kayl (27) and Kobi (25)–and a grandson named Emmett.

In the past, he has volunteered with Special Olympics. He both plays golf and watches it; and he remains loyal to those Dallas football ‘Boys.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Golf Course and Landscape Management and Landscape Design – Texas State Technical College

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