Corben Cochran

Construction Manager
Corben has an unusual skill for a landscape guy; he is also an unofficial barber! He knew even as a child that he wanted to cut hair. The results of early experiments were probably about what you’d expect, but Corben persevered, working summers and weekends during high school at Perfect Cuts, and eventually attending barber school. He’d still like to own a barber shop one day. Corben sees parallels between the enhancement work he does on properties and the work a barber does. For him, making visual improvements is a joy. The creative aspects, the process, and the happy results all contribute, but the best part is definitely pleasing a client. His kids are Zai (12), Ariyana (7), Laila (5), and little Aria (1).  The family loves being outside and active together.  The oldest kids are beginning their venture into organized sports—Zai with football, and Ariyana with volleyball.  Corben, who is a sports guy (loyal to the Longhorns), is committed to being involved with these activities.

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