How often should I sharpen my lawn mower blade?

This is an awesome question. This important task is often overlooked and can lead to stressed turf and an entry point for disease activity. When a lawn is mowed with a dull mower blade, it may shred the end of the grass blade causing the lawn to appear off-color. Image just one grass blade that […]

Should I replace my plants after the Snow Storm?

This is the question on everyone’s mind. We are starting to see the extent of the damage to the landscapes here in Central Texas. On a high note, we are also starting to see some recovery of plants that you may have written off a few weeks ago. Now is a great time to start […]

Should I scalp my grass?

Now is a great time to get ready for a spring “cut down” of your turf. Scalping is a harsh word and we always suggest being careful when performing this task in the springtime. First, you want to assure that we do not have any major freezes in the forecast as this may cause damage […]

Frost damage. What now?

You, like most of us in Central Texas, just went through a historical weather event that has left us with lots of questions about the future of our landscape plants, trees, and turf. The short answer is TIME. We need to wait and see how our landscapes respond to warmer weather and moisture. I know […]

Pre Emergent Vs. Post Emergent weed treatments.

Think back to when you were in school and remember the words PRE and POST. Pre meaning before and Post meaning after. Now just apply that to weed treatments. When a PRE emergent is applied, it is designed to help control weeds BEFORE they start to grow. It is much easier to impact a weed […]

What is Frost and how does it affect my lawn?

Grass blades move water through their lengths for nourishment, but this moisture freezes inside the turf when you observe a light frost across the outside surface.  When the grass’s internal water freezes, the cells expand and rupture. When grass is frozen, any damage to the grass at this stage is like stabbing it with an “ice […]

Shaded Area

Having a shaded area is great on a hot sunny day to help beat the heat. However, these same areas create major issues when it comes to growing grass. Most turf grass requires four to five hours of direct sunlight each day to maintain overall health and density. Without this much-needed sunlight, the turf will […]

Brown Spots in Lawn – Let us help

Next to weeds, brown spots in lawn of a homeowner ranks very high on the list of frustrations. The problem is, it is hard to determine what caused them or what to do about them. So let’s start with some of the obvious reasons for brown spots and work our way through the list. Southern […]