Weed Management and Turf Fertilization

At Elements Lawn and Landscape, we cover all aspects of turf development and weed control. Our service specialists fully understand turf care. They take pride in being up to date on all the latest products for turf care. They also understand just what is needed to help your lawn be amazing.


Year-Round Coverage for Weed Control and Fertilization

To keep your lawn in prime condition and health, we recommend our complete turf fertilization and weed control program. Seven critical times of the year, this program provides scheduled applications of the appropriate types of products.

Before the growing season begins, we apply the pre-emergent herbicides that help to reduce weed seed growth. Then, later in the season, it is time for post-emergents. These will help reduce any unsightly weeds that do germinate. Finally, our granular fertilizers give turf the boost required for thick, healthy, and green growth.

Additionally, applications need to match a geographical area. Our team has years of experience working in this region. Click the link to the left to connect with them today.