Marshall Bush

Account Manager
Marshall is a music lover.  Here in the “Live Music Capital of the World,” he loves both listening and playing.  At 14, he first took up the guitar.  He’s got several of them now.  Sitting down at day’s end with the acoustic guitar is one of his favorite ways to unwind.  Generally, he strums alternative tunes, although he’s also fond of folk music and the blues.  Music is his form of artistic expression.  He says that designing landscapes for clients is similarly creative.Marshall grew up around farm animals, and he used to think he’d like to be a biologist—or, if not that, something equally animal-focused.  He still loves creatures of all sorts, but cats are his favorites.  He has a cat named Mr. Kee Kee and one named Spooky.His favorite vacation was a trip to Jamaica; he liked experiencing such a different culture.  He’s also a big fan of airplanes and cars, and he is happy to converse about either of them for hours on end.  He would not object to, someday, owning the insanely fast—and insanely expensive—Ford GT.

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