Fall Lawn Tips

You may be ready for the fall, but is your lawn? This time of year we all become very busy, and often times, our lawns are left to fend for themselves after a long hot summer. Set aside some time for your lawn, and it will pay off over the winter and into the spring.


  • Feeding – Your lawn is hungry and needs vital nutrients to build a strong root system and cell wall development to remain healthy through the winter months. If you have St. Augustine grass, be sure to keep the Nitrogen levels lower for this feeding to help reduce the risk of a disease outbreak.
  • Weeds – With the cooler weather, you will notice winter annuals begin to germinate and now is a great time to address them while they are small. We always suggest spot treating the weeds as they appear and try to avoid a “weed and feed” product that applies a weed treatment over the entire lawn.
  • Leaf Litter – As the leaves begin to fall, do your best to keep them picked up to help avoid smothering the grass and cutting off air flow. Heavy leaf litter left on the lawn over the winter can create thin areas and set the lawn back in the spring.
  • Mowing – As the grass begins to slow down its’ growth cycle, try to leave your last mowing taller than normal to help protect the root system for winter freezes. This will also help weed seeds from falling down to the soils surface and germinating.

Now you are ready to enjoy the holidays with your family knowing you have given a little love to your lawn that provides you comfort all year long. If you need help with your lawn to do list, be sure to call on Elements Group and Elements Lawn Care and we can help reduce that Holiday stress.

Happy Fall from all of us at Elements.