Should I scalp my grass?

Now is a great time to get ready for a spring “cut down” of your turf. Scalping is a harsh word and we always suggest being careful when performing this task in the springtime. First, you want to assure that we do not have any major freezes in the forecast as this may cause damage if you mow short too soon. Second, make sure you mark your irrigation heads so as not to create any damage to your system. Third, make sure your lawnmower is in good working and safe condition.

SHORT MOWING-Basically, this is the process of removing the top layers of winter decay to allow sunlight and air to reach the soil and this, in turn, will help to increase the soil temperatures. You should consider not doing this all at once but with several passes each time lowering your mowing down another notch until you start to see a bit of green appear. It is also suggested you bag this decay and consider using it in a compost pile.

Lastly, once you have reached the desired height with your cut down, this is a perfect time to look for uneven areas in the yard and add soil before the grass starts to fill back in. Be sure not to over-applied your topsoil but add it in small layers until you start to raise your mowing height back to the normal summer height.