Irrigation Winterization


It is essential to properly protect your investment in your irrigation system from winter damage caused by freezing temperatures. Without proper professional preparation your system has many points at which costly damage may occur. Winterization prior to the first frost is the best way to prevent damage to equipment and added repair expense.

What Does Winterizing Involve?

Our service crews will come to your location and make ready for the winter onslaught all the pipes, valves, pumps, timers and other parts of your irrigation system.

From main shut off valve to underground piping your irrigation system requires a professional service treatment to insure that all parts of your system have no water left behind to expand during cold weather freezes. Blowing out irrigation systems can be a dangerous job. It is necessary to wear eye protection and gloves to prevent accidental injuries to those persons performing winterization service. Touching a high voltage wire or hot transformer may cause burns and high pressure compressed air blow outs could result in eye damage to those who are unprotected.

System drainage cannot be fully completed by gravity; it is important to get the system cleared of all water. Parts and pipes that are exposed to weather and that lie above the frost line must be winterized.

Welcoming Spring

In Springtime call us to turn your irrigation system on for the season. Technical expertise makes resetting of timers, stations and other aspects of irrigation systems a breeze instead of a nightmare.

Proper annual service to your irrigation system should be performed at least twice yearly, before and after winter freezing weather. Protect highly technical equipment properly to get longer lifetimes from your equipment and optimum operation. Modern systems have controllers, shut off valves, master valves, and pumps that can be damaged by overheating or by freezing temperatures. Any air vent or drain outlets need to remain clear and functioning properly for your system to continue to work.

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