Brown Spots in Lawn – Let us help

Next to weeds, brown spots in lawn of a homeowner ranks very high on the list of frustrations. The problem is, it is hard to determine what caused them or what to do about them. So let’s start with some of the obvious reasons for brown spots and work our way through the list.

  • Southern turf grass does not hold up well to freezing temperatures, and this causes large brown spots in lawn or caused the lawn to go dormant.
  • St. Augustine grass can be affected by late fall fungal activity, and the scars do not recover until the grass starts to grow again the following spring.
  • Grub worms that caused damage last summer may have created a weakened root system that has created brown spots in lawn over the winter.

So what is the solution?

Once the lawn begins to green up this spring, most brown spots resolve themselves. It is a great practice to give these areas some TLC with steps like:

  • Adding potting soil
  • Core aeration
  • Raking out the thin areas to promote new growth
  • Keep leaf litter to a minimum to promote air flow
  • Some light renovation by planting some new grass

Just like most things that are worthwhile, your turf will need attention when you see brown spots, so have a plan and then work your plan.

If you need help with any of these steps, Elements Lawn Care has you covered.