Herbicide – How it Works and How We Can Help

Spring has sprung and so have all the weeds. What does one do about all the weeds that are now invading our home lawns? The easiest way to make quick work of these weeds is with an herbicide.

Let’s start with the definition of an herbicide. Webster defines it as: “a substance or preparation for killing weeds.” In the old days our parents made us pull weeds only to find in a few days they were back and doing just fine. This is due to the fact that if you do not get the roots of the weed, it will quickly regrow. This is why an herbicide is a better choice because it works on the entire weed including the root system.

When choosing an herbicide, it is important to do your homework and know what type of weed you are attempting to control and what type of turf the weeds are growing in. Herbicides take time to work, so be patient and do not over apply or re-apply too soon. Always read and follow the label directions.

If you need help with weed control, Elements Lawn Care has you covered.