Hope Burkhart

Account Manager
Hope loves the arts—painting, drawing, music, film—and not just a little.  She owns, for instance, more than 600 movies on itunes, and a movie room to watch them in!  Her favorites are thrillers, comedies, dramas, horrors, classics, westerns…you get the point.  She has very eclectic tastes!  The same goes for music.   She’s played the guitar since she was 12, and has since added in some unique hand percussion, like the djembe!  She loves playing almost every style of music, although folk is her favorite.Hope is a breast cancer survivor.  Maybe that’s where some of her enthusiasm comes from!  She continues to celebrate life with her wife, Shannon, and their 7-year-old son, Oliver, who is “so freakin’ cool!”  The family also includes Australian Shepherds Zowie and Hank. Favorite family trips have included a trip to Jamaica, and one to Hope’s grandparents’ beach house in Cape Cod, which is where she spent most her summers as a kid.She’d like to do a lot more traveling someday…places like Australia, Hawaii, and Paris.  For much shorter trips, she’d have great fun driving an off-road vehicle called an International Harvester Scout.  Ideally, it’d be a 1961 model.  In orange.


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