Turf Disease Treatment

When considering lawn treatment service, it is important to ask, “Why does my lawn have a disease?” Disease activity is more about the environmental conditions that are present and less about the pathogen itself.

In most cases, the disease is present in the soil at all times. In the right conditions, brown circles, off-colored turf, and other symptoms appear. It is important to prepare when the conditions are just right and attempt to re-direct the symptoms.

Integrated Pest Management means using the least amount of product to gain the best results. Often times, just changing watering habits, aerating the turf, and top dressing to fill in low spots can help greatly in disease reduction.

What If Lawn Treatment Service Is Needed?

At Elements Lawn and Landscape, we are always on the lookout for best practices when it comes to disease reduction. We create a lawn treatment service plan that is best suited for your lawn and its specific needs. It is difficult at best to completely prevent disease activity.