Beneficial Services Programs


Protects roots and holds moisture in the soil to help conserve water. Mulching provides all these benefits while giving your landscape a clean, manicured look.

Turf Disease Treatment

No one can predict whether or not a disease will infest your lawn. However, we use the best treatments available, either a liquid or granular application, should an outbreak occur.

Tree and Shrub Disease Treatment

Trees and shrubs that become infested with disease are treated with deep-root injections or topical treatments depending on disease type and species.


Core aeration helps to eliminate compaction, provides oxygen, water and nutrients to the roots of the turf where it is needed most. It also benefits the shallow roots of trees and shrubs. In Spring, an aeration expert will provide thorough machined core aeration on all appropriate areas.

Seasonal Color and Perennials

Seasonal color and perennials are installed twice per year during Spring and Fall to add color and texture to your landscape. Our landscape specialist will help you determine ideal plant locations within your landscape.

Tree Trimming

Once per year, our crews will trim your trees that are up to a height of 18 feet. We trim unwanted, new branches that do not contribute to the health or aesthetic look of the canopy.

Rye Seed

One application of rye seed in the Fall produces a green lawn during the winter months. We recommend the 50-week program if you select our ryegrass option to keep it looking its best.

Lawn Fertilization

We apply fertilizer three times throughout the Winter to promote a vibrant, green turf.