Tracey C.

Elements was referred by someone on NextDoor, and I could not find anyone, presenting as very eager, to actually follow through with even the simplest of a call back. Fed up, I pursued Elements, and glad I did. They went way above and beyond on my front and back, including digging out my landscape job from weeks, overgrowth, and numerous hacks and elms that were in the completely wrong place. They trimmed a tree back from my house, which was not part of the contract. I had them come back to dig my backyard out and, again, fabulous and above and beyond. Not a leftover leaf, twig, nothing. After I signed the contract for them to do ongoing maintenance, I got a message from upper management welcoming me and to contact them by whatever chosen means “because we’re here for you.” I’m not getting any kind of bird dog fee for this, I just want to throw business their way because they are that conscientious and dedicated. They deserve it.