Benefits of Rye Grass

Rye grass is an annual grass that lives for one season and dies out. Rye grass is useful for creating a green lawn in the winter by overseeding an existing lawn.

Rye can also be mixed with other seed types such as Bermuda for winter hydroseeding. The rye will come up immediately while the warm season seed will remain dormant until spring. About the time the rye is dying out, the warm season grass will be well established.

Annual rye grass is an excellent choice for erosion control because it establishes quickly. Although it is annual, it can reseed itself naturally and grow new turf each fall if conditions are favorable.

If you’re wanting to keep your lawn green year around, try planting rye grass. If you have questions about caring for your lawn or seeding rye grass, please contact your preferred landscaper.

Winter rye grass usually establishes itself in about 3 weeks.