Mulch Enhances Your Landscape

One of the benefits of mulch is that it acts as an insulator and keeps moisture close to the roots of your plants and flowers.

A layer of mulch will help prevent weeds from germinating and growing. Mulch also helps moderate the soil temperature and retain moisture during dry weather. By doing this it reduces the need for watering and also decreases the amount of water waste or runoff. In the long run, it will save you money.

Mulching your beds and garden will help provide essential nutrients to the soil of your plants by keeping organic material close to the roots. Your plants will be well nourished which in turn promotes strong growth and healthy plants and flowers.

Mulches also can be used to enhance the look of your garden to provide a great finished product. Many bark mulches provide uniformly rich brown color that contrasts with the plants. The mulch helps keep plants clean by reducing the splash of soil onto leaves during rainstorms, and helps infiltration of the rainfall into the garden.

Mulch is a cost efficient, highly effective way to promote a beautiful and healthy landscape and garden that offers a multitude of benefits year round.