Container Gardens

Container Gardens and Creative Ideas

Container gardens are artful combinations of live plants and unique planter boxes. The best time of year to plant a container garden is in the fall.

Give your landscape a new dimension by using beautiful pots and planter boxes to create moveable landscape decor.

Indoors and out, fall container gardens have a unique visual impact. Gardens in pots, bowls and boxes are extremely versatile, and can be moved, rearranged, and switched out with great ease.

Container gardens can be filled with colorful plants for the indoors or  potted herbs for a patio herb garden. They also make great decorations to put beside your pool or on your patio.  Container gardens are also a great addition to balconies, decks and patios as well.

Let us design custom container gardens and flower beds to match and enhance the architecture of your home and surrounding landscape of your property. We can also put a drip irrigation system into the container gardens and beds so you may go on vacation and not have to worry about your plants dying while you are away. Choose your favorite containers, colors, plants or simply let us do all the work for you.